Is belly dancing from India? – Belly Dancing Skirt Shakira

Is belly dancing from India? – Belly Dancing Skirt Shakira

What was the first thing you do after school?

The first thing I did was to go to the gym to train a few days a week. We also went to the gym to practice dancing for free.

This is your first film, were you already aware of Indian film culture in the US? Any particular favourite films to watch?

I was really into the Indian film in my childhood. I watched the first two movies of Aamir Khan’s Dil Dhadakkhed, and a bit of Dhanush in his later films. I remember being very pleased with the way Dil Dhadakkhed was being done, I thought this was something a lot of Indian film should be doing. I also had a good appreciation for the way Amitabh Bachchan handled his characters.

Do you have any future plans for work?

I have plans to work in India and to direct films in the south. I also want to do some small-budget films here in the states. With a few friends I am doing a comedy and making a musical together, and want to be able to get projects made where I am not on the same island.

What’s behind the nickname Pee-wee with the curly hair?

I have a nickname in school called Pee-wee with short hair. It’s the Indian version of the name Steve. So this name fits.

Thanks to Pee-wee Kicks & Roots for providing the below interview.

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