Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Kids Belly Dancing Youtube

Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Kids Belly Dancing Youtube

It’s bad for your legs, according to new research from researchers from the United States and Canada.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University, in Halifax, both found evidence that people with low back pain can be hurt if they are exposed to belly dancing or other extreme body movements.

“In many cases the risk of back pain increases substantially. The risk of chronic pelvic pain may even surpass that associated with back injuries,” the researchers wrote in the Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine.

“Belly dancing was particularly harmful, particularly in the case of a low-back-pain patient who performed excessively in a gymbody. There was no significant difference in low-back injury risk between men who engaged in regular gymbody and men of lower back injuries.”

The researchers identified 33 instances in which body-mass index, or BMI, was recorded using a waist measurement.

The number of cases of hip fractures, knee injuries and shoulder injuries was the same in gymbodying and non-gymbody dancers, but there was a larger risk of pelvic problems in non-gymbody dancers.

“If the low back is a cause of back pain in any patient, it would be better if that injury was detected early,” said lead researcher and UBC professor David Schaffer. “We suggest that gymbodies be restricted to those who have a low spine,” Schaffer said.

“The lower back is an area that requires significant care and attention. If you are a low-back-pain patient, we suggest you spend more time in a rehabilitation doctor.”

The Canadian Institute for Health Information, in the U.S., recommends the use of back supports for back-pain patients, but some surgeons have argued that they can cause back troubles.

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“We have no way of knowing if it affects back pain [because] it’s difficult to define precisely when someone is in pain,” Dr. Michael Bremner was quoted as saying. “The only way I know that a back stress fracture is a back fracture is that it’s a low back stress fracture. Therefore, it is a back injury.”

Bremner said in the United States, there has been little research on why some people with back-pain will engage in unusual body movements that are harmful to their back.

Bremner said while the findings may not come as a complete surprise, they may not translate into much of an effect on the

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