Is belly dancing attractive? – Youtube Arabic-Belly-Dance-Music-Song-Darbuka-Mezdeke-Oryantal

Is belly dancing attractive? – Youtube Arabic-Belly-Dance-Music-Song-Darbuka-Mezdeke-Oryantal

Who knows, but it’s a thought.

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Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Putin has said Russia should not be regarded as the US’s main ally

Russian president Vladimir Putin has spoken out in support of Israel during a tense phone call with the US leader.

The two leaders talked for two hours, the Kremlin said.

Mr Putin “emphasised … Russian support for the establishment of a Palestinian State in all its historical, cultural, political and geographical aspects”, the Kremlin said.

It added Mr Obama had “very, very warmly said” the two governments would work together to solve crises in the Middle East.

It comes amid tensions between Israel and Iran, with both countries accusing the other of trying to build missiles capable of reaching its territory.

Israel and Iran: On the brink of war?

US and Russia clash over Syria ‘chemical weapons’ claims

Israeli and Iranian officials have accused each other of trying to make “a new Holocaust” by developing their nuclear weapons.

The Israeli military carried out its most recent strike on the Syrian government headquarters – a bunker containing chemical weapons believed to have been used in an attack against civilians last month.

Iran says it has the capability to design and manufacture missiles with the range to hit Tel Aviv and the capital of Tel Aviv, New York and Washington.

Iranian leaders have claimed that they will not hesitate to take their military action against the United States should Washington decide to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

But Mr Putin on Tuesday said he would not accept Iranian attempts to destabilise the Middle East by backing terrorist organisations.

Earlier, Mr Netanyahu told Mr Obama he believed Tehran had not yet made the decision to produce a nuclear weapon.

However, Israel on Sunday struck a shipment of uranium to Iran – which the US said it suspected had been destined for a “terrorist” reactor. The White House said the shipment was of “mineral” materials,

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