How do you twerk? – Private Belly Dancing Lessons

By getting wet? It is very easy to do, and if you are a beginner, you can use your body as a guide and twerk for yourself! I will share with you a few of my favorite moves, plus some of my favorite tips and techniques to twerk. I will also share some of my favorite twerk videos to watch and learn from. I hope you enjoy having some fun with this tutorial!

1. Twerking Up

The first thing that needs to happen before you twerk is your heart to speed up. You could do this through movement while walking or running, or you could do this through jumping when you are jumping up and down. Either way, it must be faster than your normal breathing. When you’re up, it’s difficult to get you heart to get to a higher rate. You can also try jumping into the air. Once you get your heart rate to a high enough level, you’ll find dancing much easier to start and to sustain!

2. Twerking Down

When it comes time to start dancing again, you can try to perform your dance from one side of your body, to the other side, or both ways. If you want to twerk and twerk in the air at the same time, you must do it quickly! If you want to twerk at the same time in the ground, you could do one side of your body, then the other, then back to the same side, or twerk one body side, then the other side.

3. Twerking Forward

When you want to twerk forward, one way to twerk forward is by twirling your arms or arms and legs, then bending and jumping backwards, as shown. When dancing in a circle, a circle you can twerk in is by keeping your leg straight, then twirling back and forth in the air.

4. Twerking Backwards

Another way to twerk backwards is by placing your left hand on your waist and twirling your hand while keeping your other hand on your hip. This will twerk your body to the right as you twerk forwards.

5. Twerking Forward

Try twerking forward while still holding your hand close to your chest and your leg straight with your feet. This will twerk your body as you twerk forwards, then slowly bend your left leg backwards. Try keeping your left hand near your heart, as well. Your heart will be pumping through

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