How do you move your hips? – Girls Belly Dancing Musically

They’re like tiny arms. And then what do you use to hold up your upper body? And then how about your arms? There’s a lot of muscle in your palms. And how do you hold up your hands? Just the palm of your hand, okay? That little finger is your index. It’s the palm on the top of your hand. Let’s talk about the thumb. What do you do with the thumb of your hand? Take your thumb between your thumb and index. Your thumb is just like a little finger. It’s about three and a half inches long, and it’s about a quarter of, the thickness of that little finger of yours. And you want to be able to do that with your index and little finger. Your thumb has muscle. And you want that to move smoothly, like a finger, like you are using your finger to do this, okay? The first step is just working on getting the movement up and down to where you are doing the palm, okay? And the second step is also just holding it. Now let me point this out. You want to have the thumb move up and down with your index, okay? I want you to hold the palm for, say a second and then switch to your thumb and index, okay? You are now really working on the movement, okay. As you go through all of that movement, I want you to look and see your thumb move in and out in a steady motion with your index. And the thumb is one of the main muscles in your wrist, okay. Now try it. Hold your thumb between your index and little fingers. And you want to be able to see the movement in your wrist. That’ll help you get into the correct position. And then you want to turn your arm around to get your forearm up. Now that will be your first major movement, because now you’re going to be putting strength into this. How you will have to work on that is going to be up to you. The biggest tip I’ve got for you is to look up and hold your arm up, and then you want to move it back and forth. Okay, and I want you to do that to each of your fingers. You are going to do that, right? Your thumbs are all together and are really tight together, okay. Then you want to do it to your index first, okay? And I want you to do it to your little finger. And then your pointer. And then you want to feel your body move up and

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