How do I learn a dance routine? – Pole Dancing Classes Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

How do I learn a dance routine? – Pole Dancing Classes Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Learn each step as many times as you need to learn it. For example, learn the steps of an I-Form in 5 minutes. Then learn steps 2 through 20. At this point, you have enough of each step in its right place, and you are able to move the right hand and follow it.

Do I have to use my dancing?

The most important thing here is that you get into a groove of your own. As you gain confidence, you may get more comfortable doing things with the wrong foot or left foot instead of right. That is OK. That is your problem-of-choice (as long as it works for you). You do not have to learn the steps of the I-Form, you do not have to learn any choreography, you do not have to learn any dances, but if you can see yourself becoming more comfortable and able to follow the steps, then learn them.

What does this all mean?

Your dancing is still going to be a work in progress! You are learning a lot in the first few weeks and you will make mistakes. It helps to be proactive and be understanding of this. If you find that you are stuck, ask yourself, “What is the easiest thing I can do in the first 2 weeks to learn enough in the next 2 weeks to start working on the right steps?” Or, “What is the most difficult thing that I can do to become as flexible and adaptable to what I am encountering?” Or, “When did it all go wrong?”

Forgetting what you have learned and having a hard time doing it in a new situation can also be an excellent sign of progress. Your motivation will be up as this will be your first real taste of new and changing things. And don’t worry-after a few weeks or so your self-dance will feel easier. (As long as your feet hit a rhythm, at least!)

What’s next?

Now the important stuff-time! Keep a “bucket list” of stuff to do next week, and start using those weeks to practice in new places, new poses, new moves, and to learn new movements.

What do you do with that list?
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First, think about what you’re going to do to improve each week. Then, if you can, look at a number of patterns you can create for this one or that, and try to recreate those with your dancing. This can feel fun and motivating,

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