Does twisting burn belly fat? – Shakira Belly Dancing Super Bowl

Does twisting burn belly fat? – Shakira Belly Dancing Super Bowl

The answer is a resounding “YES!” If you are at all overweight, and are still gaining weight, you may need to start training hard. The fat loss is what you can do, NOT the fact that you are overweight and eating a lot of food!

When I was under 500 calories per day, I started working out, and I never made the diet or weight loss plan I needed, but now, as I’m starting to lose weight again, I am making a serious effort to make sure I have not done more than cut back on all the calories and not put in even more weight- but still losing fat, and I have found that working out regularly has been the only way to cut back on how much I eat!

Some people need more muscle than others, as it adds to size, but some people only need to get larger muscles to make them look more beautiful. A good article on weight loss and muscle gain in women can be found here: . I am about as lean as it gets and I am training to see my body as a body builder and not a woman! I also have several muscle builders in my life who keep me on my toes about what to eat (and for a while I was training only with these guys, and it was amazing but I have now moved on and tried to stay away of the supplements.)

The main part of that article is not to diet too hard, but keep in mind that we don’t need to eat so much as to just eat more food. You only need to consume about two more calories a pound per day than normal, and be careful what you eat and what you don’t eat! I have a new cookbook out with pictures and recipes so if you want to be the chef yourself check that out!

When I started losing weight, I tried many things – low carb, high carb, Paleo, Atkins, low carb plus a little extra meat! But even with all the food that I was making at home – pork chops, pork belly, salmon, beef jerky, chicken wings – I was just eating more than my body needed. Just as with everything – make too much or too little and things will not change.

Just having too much fat on the gut can do you in, because fat tends to absorb more slowly, and you will feel bloated from all the bad fat!

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