Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Shakira Belly Dancing Techniques To Reduce Negative Thoughts

Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Shakira Belly Dancing Techniques To Reduce Negative Thoughts

Not according to Shariah.

It has been stated by many Islamic scholars and reformers that it is forbidden to make fun of Islam by causing fun, because these fun activities could affect the minds of children who then will grow up to become a threat to Islam in the future…

In reality of course, the dance is not a threat, as it would have no effect on any of the kids around. And it would be extremely unlikely a 12 year old could make fun of Islam.

It also seems very unlikely that the dancing is in fact causing any harm to any children who may be there as well. That’s because, as far as the dancing goes, Islam itself does not prohibit it.

The Muslims themselves are not against dancing, ofcourse. So in a sense, it’s not like a dancing ‘terrorist’ is about to come out and do a dance attack…

What is the point in this?

It’s the exact opposite of what is alleged. It’s just another attempt by the Islamic group to intimidate people into not dancing. The point of the act is to be a little bit more provocative of the people that are already there, and they don’t want that to happen. That’s why they are taking it to a bigger audience and not only in Europe.

In reality, dancing is harmless! Why is Islam so worried about it?

It seems that the Islamists have been very successful in influencing European governments. That’s why, for example, the German government has just recently adopted a dance dance programme, with plans to promote it in all state schools.

Is that because of the dancing?

I think that’s just because they want to promote another sort of religious activity, that is dancing. So they can try to spread this idea in Europe that this activity is harmful, and the people that are taking it to a bigger audience are actually trying to put an end to the dancing.

It’s true that it would be a very difficult proposition for the police to actually stop this sort of dancing. In the end, it is only a question of how the people respond themselves…

It’s an attack on freedom of speech?

Exactly… Freedom of speech is a very important part of our democratic societies, but I just think that the Muslim extremists are abusing it in a very sinister way. Instead of promoting a healthy and enjoyable, happy and fun life, which has great benefits for our youngsters, they are actually promoting their own very negative ideals

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