Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Free Belly Dancing For Beginners

Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Free Belly Dancing For Beginners

Yes, dancing in Islam.

Dancing in the Islamic world was common, and was encouraged among Muslims when they could afford it.

However, the Koran teaches very clearly that the woman must dress modestly, and that women are to “not dress provocatively”, which means, it is forbidden to dress in a way that shows off the shape of her body or shows off her charms at all.

A new study indicates the effects of increased exercise capacity on the cardiovascular system are greater after women have experienced an earlier menarche. The findings confirm earlier research indicating that women’s greater endurance and power peak in the teens and young twenties.

Recent studies indicate that the increased endurance of middle-aged and older women may have contributed to less cardiovascular disease death.

However, the authors of the new study suggest that women who gain weight over the course of the lifetime may experience reduced cardiovascular fitness, possibly due to the increased need for physical activity after pregnancy.

“A large prospective cohort study is the best available model that is specifically designed to study the cardiovascular effects of exercise after menarche. We conducted a large prospective cohort study of US women ages 25–50 years who completed a detailed physical activity diary. The women had not been pregnant for more than 10 years before the study. We measured several cardiovascular measures: maximum oxygen uptake (VO 2max ), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), body mass index, waist circumference (BMI), diastolic blood pressure and waist circumference (WC). VO 2max was highest in the pre-pregnancy teens and young twenties, and was significantly lower in those in the early menarche decade. In postmenopausal women, VO 2max increased during the menarche decade, and in women with diabetes, the decrease in VO 2max was more pronounced in the menarche decade. In both cohorts, WC was significantly lower in pre- and postmenarche years.” Dr. Richard Kieling, M.D., professor of cardiovascular medicine at Harvard Medical School and member of the Department of Epidemiology, Genetics and Nutrition, wrote in a journal commentary published this week.

As reported by ABC News, the study found that the average premenopausal women had a VO 2max of 89 mL/min [3.9 m2/s], whereas in women in the early menarche decade, the average VO 2max was 97 mL/min [4.4 m2/s].


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