Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dancing For Beginners Classes For Zumba

Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dancing For Beginners Classes For Zumba

There is a tradition in Yemen, among the Muslim holy sites and among the residents of this country, that when you perform the ritual of Hajj, you give your head, neck, shoulders, arms, knees and all the bones in your legs to Mecca.

This is known as the Hajj Wa. During this Hajj period, people wear loose-fitting clothes and they wear only a piece of cloth called the Zabab. This is the garment of the Prophet Muhammad. The rest of your body is covered by the loose-fitting tunic that covers the shoulders, chest, and the knees. So the idea is that when you perform this Hajj, it is not appropriate for you to wear those pants that a Muslim man wears.

Now this zabab is not worn by every Muslim in the whole world, but it is a symbol of the Muslims living in Yemen. So it is not a common thing for people in the world who are Muslim to wear it. In fact, this is part of the Islamic tradition. Many Muslims from all around the world believe, and many who do have no idea what the zabab is wearing, say that it is not a hijab.

In fact, on the part of the head that you are wearing, it should not touch the face. On the other hand, the other parts of your body like your ears and forehead are not covered so this is considered as a part of the hijab to some.

This is one of the symbols of a veil that the Prophet Muhammad wore, and this is why we see more people do Islamic rites in public. There are very conservative mosques in Yemen that do not allow people to go to the mosque. They also forbid people from dancing during their rituals. They say that this is tantamount to dancing.

So if someone goes to a mosque and does some jilbab, you may say that they are trying to dance. I have seen this in Yemen because of my own experience doing this and of course the tradition of our religion. There is this tradition to do the Hajj Wa and this was the way that we wanted to observe in life. The whole reason behind this tradition is because we consider it part of the Hajj and we do not want to see others, particularly members of our tribe, being deprived of having the opportunity to perform this part of religion when performing the Hajj Wa. So if anybody sees one of us performing it, you are going to find it distasteful, but

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