Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Clothes Plus Size

Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Clothes Plus Size


So do you just have to keep your belly fat at an all-time high for a week?

Yes, which is what we did, but when we got back to our normal eating, our stomach was in fact smaller than in that week. After that we lost the belly fat, the abdominal mass, and the stomach had started to shrink, leaving our stomach slightly bigger than before.

What did you eat during your stomach-shrinking period?

We used to eat a lot of rice.

Okay, so you ate rice?


Did you really eat rice all day during your stomach-shrinking period?

Yes, we ate rice all day. We had two courses of rice for lunch and dinner at all hours.

What were you eating?

Rice consisted of three types [of rice]: buckwheat, wheat, and brown rice for breakfast and dinner.

Rice for breakfast, dinner, tea.

Why rice? Rice is a very rich source of protein. During an eight-week stomach-shrinking study, did you lose weight on the rice?

No, we really did not [lose weight] on rice.

Why not?

Because the stomach is a muscle. If we stretch it, the muscles will lose weight.

Is it that muscle that holds in the food after you have eaten?

Yes, the stomach is very powerful. And it also takes energy from your body when it is stretched, which is why there is a lot of tension.

So, if you are stretching it, it is not a loss of energy.


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