Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dancing Tik Tok Video

Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dancing Tik Tok Video

“The name Can Dance was coined by The Tramline (a film directed by David Lynch) in 1976, based on the story by Michael A. Sullivan and William K. Black. It’s a story about a couple who goes to America to look for their missing son, and they make it their main form of transportation. So the name Can Dance comes from their love of the dance.”

When did Can Dance begin?

“There were several Can Dances in a series of films directed by Lynch and released all around 1978, 1980. In 1979, the original TV movie version was produced, and continued on through 1982, when it was replaced by the Broadway Show version.”

What was the first can dance?

“The earliest recorded can dance is the one with the dancer who dances across a table to the tune of The Beatles’ “Come Together.”

Who is involved in Can Dance?

“Can Dance is very heavily involved in the community. It gets more involved when the dance happens outside or on the beach, and when dances are promoted.”

Do children dance at Can Dance?

“Yes. Some young kids do the dance, but it’s not all organized. We encourage children to bring their own dance books and music and let their imagination take over. That’s the best way to learn what they want to do.”

Is Can Dance for children under 12?

“Yes, but there is a sign-up process. If there are kids who are not able to participate in the choreography, there are no age limits at all. Some young ladies in Can Dance can do the music by themselves even through their twenties.”

Is Can Dance for all ages?

“No, we also try to cater to a younger crowd. We welcome people from all ages and all walks of life.”

Is it possible to dance with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing?

“Yes, so people are welcome to wear headphones and dance along to music, no matter what kind of hearing loss they have. You can sing along and enjoy the music as well.”

Do people have to be 18 or older to participate?

“In a couple of cases, it was a dance for adults. In other cases it is a dance for people who have been released from prison or jail. Many of us still have a lot of work to do to try to keep our system intact so that everyone can participate in what has traditionally been

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